7 Reasons why your career shift is not happening

Whether it’s a tiny inkling (*hint* that’s how it starts) or it’s already dominating your thought process, the idea of changing your career roadmap is an issue.  

You might be spending hours googling “how to find remote work” or constantly have a career coach podcast in your ears. 

You might be waking up at night with the anxiety of needing a job yesterday.  

Whatever your situation is, you are ready for things to change and you find your new career path but it’s just… not…  happening.  

Let’s discuss the top 7 reasons that interfere with the return to work or career pivot process. 

Reason #1: Your Mindset

Prowess Project has worked with thousands of women just like you who have made a career pivot.  The first thing we encourage you to do is get clear on your goals.  

If we are still second guessing our abilities or minimizing our value in the professional world, we *subconsciously* are sending a message to that future employer that we aren’t qualified for the job, when in reality, that is FAR from the truth. 

We need to start visualizing a successful interview, then one step further, a successful first day on the job, first year anniversary, fifth, TENTH, etc.  

After anchoring in that mindset, you must START. And the only thing that is preventing you from starting is your MINDSET. Roadblock creeping up already?  See #3 for some creative solutions.

Reason #2: Your Fears

Now let’s talk about that pit in your stomach when you imagine interviewing.  What is that really?

Are you worried that someone will ask a question we don’t know the answer to? 

Or that someone will tell us ‘no’?  

Or that we are piling on even MORE responsibilities?  

That sounds like hurdles you tackle every day as a Mom 🙂 

Anytime that a human decides to make a change, our brains raise some fears. This is that lizard brain that keeps us safe.  But we have to remind that primal part of ourselves that not knowing exactly where to find the data in Google Analytics is not life threatening. Having to call a customer for the first time is a normal part of work, not a scene from Games of Thrones.    

Remember, everyone who has started a job, was new. Every freelancer had to tell a prospect their rates.  Every entrepreneur has had to say “this is not working, what can we do differently.” Allowing a healthy amount of fear into our professional life, keeps us motivated, staying curious, and pushes us forward.  Let that fear in, and thank it for sparking a new thought.

Reason #3: Your Roadblocks

If you are a mom, caregiver or any human-being, you’ll have commitments outside of work.  If you have decided, now is the time to make a change in your career and the “But…” pops into your mind, you are not alone.   But you can’t stop there.  Instead of roadblocks, let’s think of these issues in your life that could derail or slow your career changes as street lights.  Sometimes, we have to slow down and sometimes we even stop.  But street lights change.  Obstacles in our life are not permanent, they just require the time and thought to move through them. 

For example, when I wanted to return to work, my husband was traveling internationally on a monthly basis. With no family in town, I knew that I had to have a job that required the flexibility to drive my kids to school, pick them up, take them to Dr appointments and keep up with the active schedule I wanted them to have.   So in starting my plan, I had to be honest with myself that an in-person job was not a fit for me.  I knew that my energy level needed to work up to full-time hours. From here, I kept asking myself the questions that motivated me to find a role that met both my goals and family needs… and *HINT* I found it 🙂 

Reasons #4: Your Commitment

Often we hear that “finding a new job is a full-time job.”  Personally, this feels like another roadblock that we throw out there.  Do we really need 8 hrs (or more) a day to change our career path? Now if you are unexpectedly unemployed, recently graduated, or financially in need of a full-time role then, yes, this time commitment makes sense, however, ALL of this can still be accomplished in much less time with more focus. 

How you can make time for your career change

  • Wake up one hour earlier to focus on a course you want to take. You’ll finish that 30 hour course in a month’s time. 
  • Block your lunch hour to reach out to 7 new connections on LinkedIn and at the end of a month you will have connected with 210 new people.
  • Spending one hour researching a business idea each day and in 30 days you will have a deep understanding of that problem, and industry.

But the key is consistency. Often when we start the career search we spend some time planning our next move, and then a life event happens and we put it to the side. Give yourself the gift of one hour in your day that is dedicated to your goal.  Get up early, stay up an hour late, take your lunch break. But don’t give this time away and make this commitment to yourself.  

Reason #5: Your Professional Diet

So you have told yourself – “yes, I am doing this. I am going to get the career I want.”  But what were you just looking at on social media?  What is the book you are reading?  Who are you spending your time with? 

At least half of your “free time” can be shifted to networking, researching and upskilling.  Yes, still spend the time that is a mental snack watching the latest trend on Tik Tok, but also follow thought leaders, professionals and gurus in your industry and listen to podcasts that motivate and educate you on your career aspirations.

Reason #6: Your Patience

Give yourself the time to make this change. If you found a job instantly, fantastic, but don’t settle for something just because it is right in front of you.  Allow the time to find the solution that works for you and your lifestyle. 

Reason #7: Your Support

Get an accountability partner.  

Let me say this louder – GET AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER.  

Sure, you can call it a mentor, coach or your mom.  But someone that you share your goals with that will commit to checking in with you once a week to see where you are.  

I don’t recommend telling everyone unless that feels right to you. As an introvert myself, I like to keep my accountability circle small until I am very clear on where I am going.  But it is so important to have someone that will push you, remind you that it is normal to be frustrated or afraid, and pour that glass of wine when you need to vent. 

They will also be the person that reminds you to follow up with the opportunities you were excited about. They will let you ramble on about the new course you are taking and love and they will pour the champagne when you reach your goal. And then ask you “what’s next”  but getting the job, building the company, landing the first client is only the beginning.  

You have a glorious career ahead of you that is ready when you are.

Need help getting there?

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