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We saw two problems in the workforce…

Our win/win solution

Prowess Project helps caregivers return to the workforce or pivot in their careers via upskilling, networking, and connecting them with clients.  Our 60+hr Online Business Manager (OBM) University upskills on how to specifically perform as an Online Business Manager for business consultants and coaches.  As they are moving through the program, our platform is gathering 100s of data points on their skills, work style, communication, etc. We use that to match them with the BEST consulting client for them. 

Why OBMs? Because of what they call their “patchwork quilt-like” background. Experience in operations, marketing, sales, tech, etc – all that they are using now to run PTAs, volunteer organizations, and places of worship, to name a few. Prowess is harnessing that experience and pairing them with consultants & coaches, like you, to run your business – so you don’t have to.

Our mission

43% of caregivers (mostly women) leave the workforce to raise children. When they are out for just 3 years, they lose up to 37% of their total compensation power – forever.

With no clear path to return, thousands are turning to Prowess Project. We help caretakers and career-pivoters upskill as OBMs and connect them with work projects that fit both their work and home lives.

Our GOAL is to get 5K connected with client projects.

Are you with us?

How it all began . . .

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After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin (hook ‘em), Ashley spent fifteen years in tech marketing and entrepreneurship in Austin, TX with a two-year project in London.

Women empowerment, especially in the workplace, has always been very important to Ashley. One of the biggest issues that continued to baffle her was how women were pressured to choose between their career and their kids. Why are the only mainstream options – to continue a 40+ hour workweek or stop working completely to become a caretaker?

And out of the frustration that a “gray area” didn’t exist, Prowess Project was born.

But Ashley knew there was NO way that she could solve this problem alone.  She needed a right-hand woman who she could hand off her vision and make it a reality (foreshadowing for OBMs – yup, you guessed it!).

Ashley spoke with 1000s of fellow entrepreneurs and they needed the same thing. And who better to solve problems & get sh*t done in the workplace than caregivers who fight more fires before breakfast than most people do in weeks. Ashley was inspired by Leah Steinkirch, whose, 25+ years in operations, sales, and counseling fit the description perfectly.  Together, they are the perfect visionary/integrator duo. 

They’ve bundled Ashley’s needs with Leah’s how-know and are helping other caregivers step into OBM roles and then match them with their ideal visionary. 

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