You are currently viewing Announcing FREE Prowess Community for women in the workforce

Announcing FREE Prowess Community for women in the workforce

Daily, we get requests from women around the country (and world) to help them balance their professional and personal lives.  Until now, we didn’t have a great solution for them.  We had a job pool, a certification but really, that’s all. 

To help women who are at all different points of their journeys, we’ve launched a FREE Community.   By joining, you will get access to: 

  • Network of like-minded people
  • 100s of resources to upskill
  • Small groups to keep everyone accountable and moving closer to her goals 

We’ve just launched and are excited for you to jump in and tell us what you think. 

Why now? 

As women, MANY of us are planners.  A good portion of December will be researching how we can better yourselves, our work situations or self care come 2021.  We want to be here now to help you kick-off the new year with the tools you need. 

Why free? 

2020 has been a BEATING.  Even before we knew that women didn’t need yet another barrier to reenter the workforce.  We don’t want $ to get between you and your dreams. 

Bare with us. 

This launch is BETA.  There will be links that are wonky, workflows that feel odd, etc.  If you find one, we want to know!  Please chime in to the feedback thread

Ready to get started?  Register for FREE here

See you there!


P.S.  For being the first hundred to help us grow, you’ll get a special tag to that shows your OG status. 

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  1. Sherrie Barton

    Hi Ashley, I’d like to join this community.
    I think that our tools and resources may help many community members.
    Can we talk?

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