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Building the Prowess Project Algorithm

There are a few times in my career that I feel like all my past education, experience and focus comes together in one project and I get that excited, buzzing feeling for what comes next (most of the time, it’s due to too much coffee).  This month our discovery sprint with Imaginnovate to develop the Prowess Project Algorithm has me so eager for the future and the impact we’ll bring women and men in the workforce.

Our matching process 

If you are not familiar with Prowess Project’s matching process, it’s what we refer to as the “magic”.  I have always been fascinated by human behavior and assisting people in aligning their talents with where they want to go in life.  We firmly believe that when people can apply their skills and experience in a setting that is in alignment with their personal goals than their professional work excels. But that’s not all. We know that people work better with people they like so by evaluating emotional intelligence compatibility, the success of the employee/employer match jumps tenfold. 

How we’ll scale 

Based on our early findings, we need to invest in version 2.0 of our algorithm and platform so that we can help more people. 

Now I won’t tell you I loved the early hours of our sprint phone calls with the developer, but as soon as my caffeine kicked in I could appreciate the way the ideas flowed from Ashley and me.  She has such an amazing talent for analyzing the business case for our clients and providing examples of key challenges we want to solve. Our developer challenged us with questions and clarification regarding why and how. This helped us to shape not only the business need but our mission to help create empowering career placements.  We were able to look at how we wanted people to feel when they utilized our tool as well as deliver a key result that spoke directly to the need.  

Mission alignment 

I do believe that the success in this sprint process was having a partner like Imaginnovate who believed in our mission as well as the passion that Ashley and I have to create a tool that both job-seekers and employers can best utilize skill, experience, and emotional intelligence attributes to achieve their business results/ milestones/ outcomes. 

I can’t wait until we do our first webinar to demo the launch of phase 2 of our matching process.  Don’t worry, you will get a front-row seat!

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