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Business owners, when you stop, your business stops. Get a Business Manager.

Business owners – don’t self-sabotage.

As a business owner, my business is a top priority. It’s not uncommon that you’ll find me nights and weekends glued to my laptop tapping away when I could (read “should”) be enjoying time with friends and family, adulting or relaxing.

Just need five more minutes to finish this email.
Did I check Google Analytics today?
One more cold call, what if it’s “the one”?

When life gets in the way

I can justify almost any decision to continue to grow my business. But what happens when life gets in the way? What happens when your child is sick, your family member needs help, your house floods, you get stuck on a trip due to weather…. When you stop, your business stops.

This week my Grandfather died. Usually, when I’m caught with an emotional, overwhelming challenge, I turn to my work and use my sadness, frustration, and anger to fuel me through. This time was different. This time I was numb. I was instantly exhausted and my mind went blank. I sat back in my chair and it felt like the world stopped.

It was a Monday at noon, meaning that I had at least another 10+ hours that were meant to be behind the computer for the day. And I just had to stop. So, I called Leah. Just as much help as I needed to get the job done, Can you proof read the blog? …send out the invoices? …help with the website edits? I needed the same emotional support when it came to her knowing what to say, what not to say, and when.

Emotional intelligence training

I attribute that know how to act – even when I didn’t tell her – in part to the extensive emotional intelligence training and focus that we live by at Prowess Project.

It takes paying attention to tone and cadence, knowing what information I typically need to make a decision, and what the best format and channel to get it to me -all, text, excel spreadsheet, Microsoft Word list – for synchronicity to happen, even when one party is under a cloud of grief.

This is my ode to Leah Steinkirch, Prowess Project’s Fractional Business Manager turned Chief Mom Officer.

My baby is my business, and I feel 100% comfortable handing off my “baby” to Leah whether it’s for a long weekend trip to Mexico with the family, or a last minute family emergency.

I’m writing this to share that we are eating our own dog food. I am very aware that I can not run Prowess Project alone. Nor, do I want to. But the safety net of having a teammate who can pick up the slack when I’m not at my best, and vice versa is invaluable.

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