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Career Pivot: Feeling Stuck

Have you ever been to a doctor’s appointment and you are sitting there waiting for “the doctor to be right in” for the last 45 mins? And you have commitments on your schedule, like that important phone call that is supposed to start in 20 mins. Now you could go ask the nurse if the doctor is coming in at all, but you are wearing a paper gown but if you just sit here, you can’t take the call. 

You are feeling stuck. Uncomfortable and frustrated.

That is how I felt when I first wanted to make a pivot in my career. I felt stuck with nowhere to turn to get the solutions that I needed.

I could go back to school.
I could start my own business.
I could take a junior role to get my foot in the door in a new industry. I could just take online classes on the side until I was ready.
I could just create a side hustle.

I searched the internet. I read books. I talked to my friends. And I searched, talked and read some more. I was still standing frozen, not knowing what I wanted.

And then this Universal force took charge and lead me to Ashley Connell and Prowess Project.

Ok. No, it did not happen that easy. I had to first get unstuck. I had to first open my mouth and hear myself say what I wanted to start doing.

“I had to first open my mouth and hear myself say what I wanted to start doing.”

Voice my desire

 I started with what was at the crux of my decision to make a pivot. I wanted the flexibility to be home with my kids while contributing to my family’s income. I wanted to find a company that would make an impact. I wrote down on a piece of paper: “I want to work 20 hours a week and get paid for my value.” Value meaning my skills and experience.

Find the right people

As I began discussing my intention of finding a job that worked for my career and family goals, I started to develop a tribe of women that had the same intention. We agreed to meet up at the same coffee shop once a week to support each other in keeping this focus. We kept a text thread for one needs encouragement or a place to share their successes. Knowing these like-minded mammas are out there helps me realize that yes, I can have my cake and eat it too.

Stay focused

My iPhone calendar sends me more messages than my husband. I make it a practice to sit down and block out my time. I preserve my working hours as well as my time with my family. If I want to take a course or spend time with a personal project, I see what is going on for the week and schedule it and then hold myself to it. Now I don’t start a day with “I don’t know where to begin.” Each night I check to see what the schedule for my next day looks like. If I am feeling the need to evaluate what I want to do next, then I will schedule my time on my meditation pillow so that I have the freedom and “permission” to just sit and think.

Google with intention

I don’t want to know how many hours I spent searching the internet only to feel like I could not get to the valuable information I needed. By finding a mentor, or people that you trust to share resources, you can eliminate the time-suck web surfing. Ask other people that have the work-life you desire where they go to for information, which social media or networking groups, and ask for an introduction.

This “feeling stuck” reason is why we created the Prowess Project Community– so join us! We will help you move in the right direction. The free Prowess Community is one of the resources we have at Prowess Project to help you get unstuck, and on track to your goals. (Learn more). 

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