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Common OBM Roadblocks – SHATTERED

At Prowess Project, we speak to 1000s of OBMs (or aspiring ones).  Here are the Common OBM Roadblocks that OBMs tell us are holding them back. 

Overestimating What You Need to Get Clients

Let’s dive into the first hurdle that the podcast host brilliantly highlighted. How many times have we fallen into the trap of overcomplicating the process of getting clients? It’s a common struggle, especially for those just starting out. The magic solution? Keep it simple. Seriously, engage in conversations. No need to stress about social media, a perfect website, or every little detail. Just talk to people, ask if they need help, and witness the magic unfold.

The speaker hit home with the importance of avoiding the ‘darning socks’ trap—those seemingly productive tasks that don’t move the needle. What’s your version of ‘darning socks’? Identify it, kick it to the curb, and focus on meaningful conversations. A single chat can set off a chain reaction that lands you your dream clients.

Feeling Intimidated When Working with Clients

Ever felt a tad out of your league when dealing with high-profile clients? You’re not alone. The podcast delved into the fear of not being “enough” for these big shots. But here’s the twist—both you, the online business manager, and the CEO might be feeling the same intimidation. And that, my friend, is a magic recipe.

Embrace that feeling. Acknowledge that your skills, even if routine to you, are mind-blowing to CEOs. It’s a match made in heaven when both parties step out of their comfort zones. So, face the challenge head-on, exude confidence, and remember, they’re in awe of your expertise.

Investing in Yourself

Now, let’s chat about a game-changer: investing in yourself. This podcast underscored the importance of dedicating time, energy, and yes, money to your growth. The key is setting realistic expectations based on your business stage. Don’t expect four clients after just ten conversations. Success takes time, effort, and continuous learning.

Strike a balance—block time for self-care, avoid the ‘darning socks’ syndrome, and know that the return on investment goes beyond money; it’s about becoming the best version of yourself and propelling your career.

Bonus tip: If you’re thinking of starting something new, don’t wait until the new year. The podcast host spilled the beans on the surge of employer demand in January. Getting a head start positions you for success, especially when others are just getting back into the swing post-holidays.

So, fellow online business managers, navigate these roadblocks, embrace the challenges, and invest in your growth. I’ve shared some fantastic insights here, but believe me, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

For the full scoop, head over to the podcast—it’s an absolute game-changer!

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