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Men Tell All: Confidence at Work

Prowess Project is hosting our second in our Men Tell All series, this time focusing on confidence at work.

At our previous event, we uncovered that there were differing definitions for men and women for the word “confidence”.

Men = Fake it ’til you make it

Women = I have all the information available to make an informed decision

Based on the above, you can image that it takes women more time and energy to gather that information and therefore to feel (and most likely come off as) confident. In theory, that lag can cost women several opportunities for advancement whether that’s piping up in a meeting to receiving a promotion. So, do we acknowledge this difference?

IN ONE WEEK, Tues, Aug 27th at The Riveter Austin, you’ll get your answer.

We have a panel of men and women to speak on this topic and how we can spread awareness to this difference and how we can accommodate both ways of showing confidence. The panel will feature a CEO & founder, Managing Director of a VC firm and SVP of a Fortune 500.

And be sure to bring your questions, the tougher the better. Details at-a-glance below — Feel free to share. See you on the 27th!

Men Tell All panel — How confidence affects gender equality in the workplace

  • Date: Tues, Aug 27th
  • Time: 6–8pm
  • Location: The Riveter, 1145 W 5th St, 78703
  • Event description: Panel of men and women discussing the differing definitions of confidence. We’ll uncover how those differences manifest at work and what signs of unconscious bias to be on the look for.
  • Link: httpss://
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