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Why contract Project Managers is smart for your business

Do you own an agency and often feel uncertain about hiring because your project load fluctuates?  We get it.  Below are the top 3 reasons why contract project managers are smart for your business. 

Projects ebbs and flow

Especially as an agency or 3rd-party vendor, your workload depends on the pace of your clients.  It’s possible but difficult to time all projects, people and resources perfectly to maintain constant work.  With a contract project manager, you can hire the flexible talent QUICKLY for that specific project and then pass the cost of that person on to the client. 

“We partnered with Prowess to meet some urgent product management resourcing needs and they were not only fast to respond and highly professional but also delivered a great and cost-effective fit in terms of the candidate” – Dr. Don Oparah – CEO, Blockvolution

Different teams need different skills and styles

As you well know, no two clients or projects are the same.  It is critical to find the right skills and personality style that meshes with the rest of the team and the client.  Technically specialties aside, the behavior-style of the project manage is key to the project’s success. For example, some team need a stern, direct leader to get things done, others prefer a gentler, more collaborative approach.  At Prowess Project, we gather 100+ personality, communication and learning-style indicators on our project managers.  We ask our customers to take a ten minute personality test and then we’re able to match you with the most compatible project manager for that team. See case study here. 

Try before you buy

Often times hiring on a contract project manager serves as a cost-efficient trial run to see if that person could be a full-time hire. Be sure to measure your projects beyond success or not, like meeting length, time per sprint, demeanour of team. If you see that you are saving money with that project manager, it may be a good business decision to bring them on full time and roll out streamlined processes to your entire company. 

Curious how a contract project manager could help your business? Contact us to get learn more. 

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