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Prowess Contractor Time Estimator

Announcing Prowess’ Contractor Time Estimator

At Prowess, we get this question a lot, “I need talent now, but I have no idea how many hours a week?”  When you’re in the thick of it, it’s hard to recognize you need help and even harder to estimate how much time you’ll need. 

We get it.  It is difficult. So Prowess built a contractor time estimator to help you break down your talent needs, responsibilities and necessary meetings to arm you with crucial information when it comes to planning and budgeting.

How it works

  1. Need a fractional operations role, but not sure how many hours a week, you’ll need.  See our contractor time estimator here. 
  2. Take the 3 min quiz to break down when, where and what you’ll need this role to tackle in a given week. 
  3. Receive an estimated hour amount of assistance you’ll need a week.

How this helps

This tool can help you understand your hiring needs now and in the future.  

Say you complete the estimator and you need someone 30 hours a week.  Chances are it may be more advantageous for you and your business to hire a full time employee than a contractor, as that role will continue to gain responsibilities and you’ll be at 40 hours a week before you know it.  


you complete the estimator and you need 5 hours a week.  Could you re-prioritize your existing teams’ responsibilities to delegate this to a current employee? Test that for a month or two and then make a decision if you need to find more support. 

Whichever you decide, Prowess can help source the perfect fit from our diverse talent pool Why We Do Itand EQ-based matching technology whether you need just 5 hours or a full time employee.  Our goal is for you to feel armed with that knowledge before you start your hiring hunt. 

The Prowess Promise 

Prowess is dedicated to be your partner when it comes to hiring quickly and effectively. To do so, we want to build more tools like this one to help busy hiring managers, sort their thoughts.  If you have feedback on our contractor time estimator, we’ll all ears.  Please send it to >>> 

What tools can you expect in the future?  Glad you asked.  We’re working on an employer-requested tool to define the level of expertise needed and a job description generator.  Stay tuned!

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