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EQ tips for Online Business Managers

We hear a lot about the hard skills that Online Business Managers need, but what about Emotional Intelligence? Here are some EQ tips for Online Business Managers – so YOU can better understand what you need and how to highlight them in interviews!

What is Emotional Intelligence?

So, what is emotional intelligence? It’s the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and those of others in the workplace. We’re bringing it into the professional realm because, let’s face it, it’s a game-changer. Think conflict resolution, active listening, time management, and collaboration—all under the EQ umbrella.

Now, here’s a surprising fact: In a survey of 2,600 hiring managers, a whopping 71 percent said they value emotional intelligence more than IQ or general intelligence.  Your ability to navigate emotions might just be the key to landing that dream job.

Now, let’s talk about how women have a leg up here. According to a study of 55,000 professionals, women outscored men in almost all emotional intelligence competencies. Yeah, you heard it right—women are rocking the EQ game. It’s time to lean into those emotional strengths, ladies!

But here’s where it gets interesting for all the working moms out there. A staggering 84 percent of employed Americans believe that having working moms in leadership roles makes businesses more successful. Why? Because working moms bring growth mindset, emotional intelligence, courage, capacity to collaborate, and purposeful action to the table. It’s not just a belief; it’s a fact. Below are EQ tips for Online Business Managers.

5 Different Types of Emotional Intelligence

Now, let’s dive into the five different types of emotional intelligence:

Self-awareness: Know yourself, read the room, and be the thought partner your CEO craves.

Self-regulation: Flex those communication muscles, avoid being a know-it-all, and be adaptable.

Social skills: Communication is key. Be clear, over-communicate, and own up to mistakes.

Empathy: It’s all about impact. Think win-win for your business, clients, and customers.

Motivation: Stay focused, cross the finish line, and be proactive. CEOs want problem solvers, not constant approvers.

So, how do you showcase your stellar emotional intelligence on your website or resume? Testimonials! Let those who’ve experienced your magic sing your praises.

Remember, EQ is your secret weapon. Check out listen to the podcast, and level up your career with the power of emotional intelligence. Your future self will thank you!

These are just a sneak peek of some lessons you’ll encounter in the podcast. However, the real eye-opener awaits when you listen to the entire episode. Stay tuned!

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