Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to contract with a Prowess-vetted Online Business Manager? Great. 

Check out our FAQs below.  If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us. 

Prowess Project’s vetted OBMs elect to go through a 60+ hour upskilling program (OBM University) and must pass an assessment to elect to be entered into our OBM talent pool.  Prowess Project’s OBM University covers business systems, latest technology, demand generation creation and strategy growth practices – SPECIFICALLY for online CEOs, coaches & consultants. 

Great Question!  Prowess Project matches you with your ideal OBM contractor via our proprietary algorithm that takes into account the skills needed, work style, communication-style, values, and more.  Each OBM is presented to you with a compatibility score and you choose who to interview. 

Yes. You can interview up to 3 OBM contractors presented to you each with a compatibility score based on our proprietary matching algorithm.

Good question.  Because the role of an Online Business Manager is relatively new, we’re happy to make the distinction. 

Generally, your OBM will join your team to proactively take you through our business transformation phases and serve as an operations leader and implement.

Unlike many VAs, our OBMs will not need direction from you on day-to-day tasks but instead, already know how to complete what needs to happen in order to scale.  

For the Top 50 differences between a VA & an OBM download our asset here

Absolutely.  If you need someone to handle running your business so you can focus on the work you love, an OBM is for you 🙂 

    • Prowess OBMs are independent contractors.  Clients purchase a bucket of hours to be used that month through Prowess. All our contracts start with a three-month minimum.


    • Our full-time roles require a placement fee of 20% of Prowess talent’s first year’s salary.


See the sample list of OBM projects:

  • Analyze & optimize operations foundations
  • Create your lead-to-closed-business sales & nurture flow
  • Financials – forecasting, planning, budgeting
  • Evaluate, implement and optimize technology tools
  • Automate tedious tasks establishing consistency & credibility
  • Data deep dives to increase profits
  • Integrate AI into your business to work smarter & faster

Prowess prides ourselves on the quality of our OBMs, match compatibility, and speed. We’ve completed the entire process (outlined below) within three hours of the employer’s time.

  1. Set up a 30 mins free consultation with Prowess to best assess your needs. 
  2. Prowess sends you the top 3 OBM options each with a data-driven compatibility score based on skills, work-style, and communication needs availability.
  3. Select which of the candidates you’d like to have a match session with, then debrief with the Prowess team.

Typically it takes us 72 hours to a week to deliver three interested, compatible Prowess-vetted Online Business Managers.

Prowess Project is unique in the following ways:

  1. A Community of professional women – The majority of the Prowess Community is made up of women pivoting in their careers or returning to the workplace.  They are all educated, experienced and looking for female-friendly jobs. The key to this Community is the ability for the women to network and learn from each other which keeps them Prowess-loyal and coming back. 
  2. Behavior-science in the matching – Prowess Project using hundreds of emotional intelligence (EQ), behavior style and value indicators to ensure a good contractor/client fit.
  3. Vetted – Each of the women in our talent pool has elected to participate in our 60+ upskilling program.  During that process, Prowess Project is gathering 100s of indicators on them used in our proprietary matching algorithm which is proven to cut the interview and ramp-up time in half. 

Currently, they all have business entities in the US, however we have plans to go worldwide. 

Our mission: 43% of caregivers (mostly women) leave the workforce to raise children, COVID-19 pushed out another 5.4M. With no clear path to return, thousands are turning to Prowess Project.

We help caretakers and career-pivoters upskill as OBMs, network and connect them with jobs that fit both their work and home lives.

Our GOAL is to get 5K connected with clients in projects they love.

Are you with us?

Based on the needs and goals of the vast majority of the women coming to us looking for work and the clients who were interested in contracting with them, we have decided to focus on training and placing Online Business Managers.  If you are looking for a project manager or operations support, we may be able to help there as well.