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Prowess Project event Men Tell All, featuring a panel of male allies, offers a safe space to speak on gender equality issues.

Featured in Forbes for mission and algorithm

If you would have told me a year ago that before Prowess Project turned one year old, we would be featured on, I would have spit out my drink (probably wine), laughing.  What an incredible difference a year makes. 

Prowess Project was featured in the article, “Social Entrepreneur Creates Unique Talent Algorithm to Ensure Seamless Onboarding and Increased Business Team Success,” by the AMAZING Sheila Callaham

Though I have 12+ years of marketing under my belt, I use this expression all the time, “you can’t read the label when you’re inside the bottle”.   I have struggled for months clearly defining and communicating all that Prowess Project is and encompasses and Sheila hit the nail on the head!  

Prowess Project Manager on being a working mom

A member of our Prowess Community, Valerie Pinette, sums up the value that Leah and I keyed into from the very beginning  “I’m a mom, so if you give me seven tasks, I’m going to complete 15 because I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.”   And THAT’s why employing moms can be so life-changing for your business. In a world where people LOVE to talk about what they are going to do, here are your lifelines that are going to put it into action. 

Scott Tran of Support Driven, a client of ours, stated in our monthly check-in just yesterday, “Instead of your employees learning the hard way, with Prowess Project, we have access to women who have learned the hard way elsewhere and know how to tackle the business challenges we are encountering.  Essentially we’re skipping levels. And when it’s all about accelerating success, that’s key.”  

Why now? 

We work hard to select and empower women who can not only produce, but also know how to work with a variety of personalities, communication and learning-styles.   Exploring these differences and how to best collaborate with them as been a huge factor in the shortened onboarding process that our clients are experiencing. 

And the time is now, never before have more teams been distributed, has remote work been accepted, and diversity & inclusion been demanded.  

I am constantly blown away by the talent that we have in our pool.  I learn from them daily and am grateful for the front row seat that I have to watch them blossom as people and career women.   2019 was WILD. But y’all buckle up for 2020.

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