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Four Times You Need Confidence

Are you ready to transform your career and become an Online Business Manager (OBM)? Whether you’re just considering it or already embarked on this path, confidence is your secret weapon. Let’s break down the four key stages of your OBM journey:

Stage 1: The Consideration Phase

In the beginning, you might question your OBM potential. The truth is, you likely possess more skills than you realize. If you’ve handled tasks like system-building, tech implementation, or financial management, you’re already equipped. The job title is new, but your capabilities are there. Confidence here comes from recognizing your existing skills.

Stage 2: The Decision Phase

Now it’s time to commit to your OBM journey. Embrace the risk. Like a visionary seeking a confident COO, clients want confident OBMs. Take the leap, make the decision, and let your commitment fuel your confidence.

Stage 3: Putting Yourself Out There

With your decision made, it’s time to put yourself out there as an OBM. Embrace the uncertainty and handle rejection with grace. Your “why” – your driving purpose – will keep you motivated. Comfort with discomfort is your path to lasting confidence.

Stage 4: Starting the Project

Securing your first client is a milestone. Shine as an OBM by overdelivering, exceeding expectations, and building your reputation. Confidence in this stage comes from your ability to handle client relationships with professionalism and expertise. Approach every project with preparedness and create a winning plan.

As you navigate your OBM journey, understand that you’ve conquered similar stages in other areas of your life. Utilize your existing confidence and apply it to each phase. Whether you’re considering, deciding, announcing, or working on your first project, your competence is your greatest asset. Keep moving forward, learn from each experience, and seize every opportunity to overdeliver.

Ready to dive deeper into these stages and gain more insights? Listen to our podcast episode for an in-depth exploration of building confidence on your OBM journey. 

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Embrace your OBM journey with confidence – you’ve got this! Have some experiences about this that you want to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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