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Free Online Business Manager Training

Yup – you heard that right.  Prowess Project is bringing you ON-DEMAND free Online Business Manager training!

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Want to know what the free Online Business Manager training covers?

Glad you asked. See below. 

  •  What is an Online Business Manager? 
  • Who makes a good one?  Aka what traits do you need?
  • What you life could look like as an OBM?
  • Who hires OBMs? 
  • What does current OBMs have to say about their journey? 
  • How to become one?

Who is this for?

Does the following describe YOU? If so, watch this training now! 

  • You have a systems-brain & love for tech
  • You have a “patchwork quilt-like background” that you want to be recognized and valued for
  • You need the flexibility to work when and where you want
  • You want to make BIG impact on your clients’ businesses 
  • You want an opportunity to make a 6-figure income
  • You want to be a thought partners to a CEO

PLUS – You’ll hear from women just like you – some who got a job within 4 weeks!   They will share what makes them a good Online Business Manager. What they would have done differently to get there.  How Prowess Project was able to help them and MUCH more! 

What are you waiting for? 

Start watching now 🙂 

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