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Prowess Project helps you go from ‘home to hired’ with a holistic, data-driven approach to jobs, upskilling and Community. Whether you are looking to hire or get hired – we got you covered.


land jobs within 3 months.


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"Prowess recognizes the multifaceted nature of women and our endless capabilities as whole human beings."

-Cecilia M.

"Prowess has been the perfect environment to further my operational experience."

- Brandi O.

"I'm so happy I joined. I was matched with a reputable and growing organization within one week of finishing the Prowess certificate."

- Lisa J.

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Helping YOU go from “home to hired”.

Our mission: 43% of caregivers (mostly women) leave the workforce to raise children, COVID-19 pushed out another 5.4M. With no clear path to return, thousands are turning to Prowess Project. We connect caretakers and career-pivoters with jobs that fit both their work and home lives. Our GOAL is to get 5K back to work, you with us?

Our matching approach ensures alignment.

We believe jobseekers have more skills than listed on a resume. The Prowess platform uncovers all professional, interpersonal, and transferable skills, then matches jobseekers with forward-thinking employers who value the whole candidate.



Deep-dive into achievements & skills, both direct and transferable.


Emotional Intelligence

Showcase interpersonal and communication skills.



Match candidates with employers who share similar values.



Find work-life balance that works for all.

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Jobseekers, we meet you where you are.

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