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Prowess Profile – How to get Jobs, a Network & Training

Finding a job is hard. Even harder when you are paving that path on your own. At Prowess Project, we get it and want to help.  See our easy workflow where you’re able to “choose your own adventure” and forge the back-to-work journey how and when feels right for you.

Steps to start your next career journey

  1. Create a Prowess account – For existing users, we updated our authorization software so you will be asked to set up a new email and password – never can be too safe regarding data protection.
  2. Answer some starter questions  – This helps us understand how to best meet your career goal needs.
  3. Decide where you want to start today – 3 options:
  • Job-seeking – To join our job pool start by building a profile. More on this below.

Did you know?  Prowess has an algorithm that allows us to match you with companies based not only on your skill but also your communication, behavior and work-styles. No more to the days of feeling like you just don’t click with your boss – our solution is designed to match you as a whole person to the role the company needs “the right person for”.

  • Peer networking – Start to rebuild your network among like-minded women in the Prowess Community.
  • Upskilling – Our work readiness training is designed to help you go back to work as seamlessly as possible. In addition to the training, we’ll pair you with a cohort and help you build your profile. Once complete, we’ll review and add you to the job pool.  Register for our next cohort today.

How to Build your Prowess Profile

Ever feel like your resume doesn’t do YOU justice? Yeah, we don’t think so either. Based on speaking with 100s of hiring managers, we pulled together a profile that showcases not only who you are as a person, but gives employers exactly what they want in order to decide if you’re a good fit for their team.
Complete the Build a Profile sections:
      • Welcome + Professional goals & skills form
      • EQ & Communication – Questions & scenarios highlighting your EQ skills
      • Complete the DiSC and VARK assessments
      • Share your technology skills and abilities
      • Upload an intro video
      • Showcase a real-life project as a sample of work
      • Submit for review & join job pool

Did you know? Prowess Project only sends you job matches when you are one of the top three candidates for the role. We know what it’s like to get a job alert only to be directed to the company’s site to join the other 1000s of applicants vying for the role. You’re busy, employers are busy, serious inquiries only 🙂

Review your Dashboard

Finally, all your data in one editable place. Go to your dashboard for:

      • Link to your Prowess Profile
      • Ability to update your data 
      • Submit new projects
      • Review current open positions that are in alignment with your values 

Did you know? It’s impossible to fit EVERYTHING on your profile. But, our matching algorithm is only as good as the data that we have. Periodically, we will send you job matches where you weren’t quite a fit, and reasons why. If you have the credentials needed, but haven’t added them to your profile, you’ll be directed to do so, and then rescored for the job.

Ready to take the next step in your career? Prowess Project is here.

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