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How to Build a Team

On behalf of Prowess Project, we are thrilled that we were invited to share our learnings at Texas’ Female Founders Day. 

See the slides HERE and Top 3 Considerations below. 

Consideration #1: What expertise do you need?

Task/Energy checkin – What tasks drain your energy or make you feel tired afterward? What tasks never seem to get done?  THESE are top examples of tasks you can outsource.

Prioritize – As a small business always be thinking, what gets me closest to revenue? And prioritize those tasks.

List skills required – What stills are required to get these tasks done?

Consideration #2: What working-style fits YOU best? 

Why doesn’t he just? – In a moment of frustration, stop and examine what action your colleague is or isn’t doing that is triggering. That may tell you about your communication or learning style. Example in slides. 

Personality & Learning style –

  • Personality – behaviors regarding how you interact with your environment
  • Learning – How you best absorb information
  • Find people with complementary styles Example in slides.

Consult the Experts – Not sure where to start? There are companies like Prowess Project who can help you identify the ideal behavior-styles to make your team more productive thus profitable. Example in slides.

See full case study- Health Tech & Prowess 

Consideration #3: What type of hire works best for you? 

Ask yourself these questions… More considerations and guides in slides. 

Employee: Do you have more than 40 hrs of work a week? 

Contractor: Do you have less than 40 hrs a week of work or is this project-based? 

Agency: Do you need several specialties? 

Intern: Do you have time to train? 

SEE full slides HERE. 

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