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How To Find A Beta Client – In Your Backyard

In a bustling city, Tyler stood out with her bright pink hair, teaching people to value real friendships over just business deals. She showed everyone that sometimes the best opportunities are right around us, not far away, making many rethink how they connect with others.

Today, we’re talking “How to Find a Beta Client – In your backyard” . I sit down with the remarkable Tyler Skinner, the driving force behind Women Making Waves. Together, we unpack invaluable strategies and insights designed to empower you on your journey to securing those coveted first clients. Let’s dive right in!

The Transformative Power of Meaningful Relationships

Tyler Skinner starts us off with a refreshing perspective: Quantity doesn’t always equate to success. In the realm of OBMs, nurturing a select group of about four solid clients can be far more impactful than spreading yourself too thin.

She delved into the nuances of cultivating genuine relationships built on trust, mutual respect, and shared goals. She underscores the importance of aligning with clients who appreciate your unique skill set and value proposition, setting the stage for long-term partnerships and success.

Overcoming First Client Hurdles: Strategies for Success

We’ve all experienced those nerve-wracking moments—the apprehension, the self-doubt, the fear of rejection.

Let’s see how Tyler offers a wealth of practical strategies to help you overcome these initial hurdles. From mindset shifts to actionable steps, she provides a roadmap for building confidence and resilience. These insights are not just theoretical; they’re rooted in real-world experiences and lessons learned from her journey with Women Making Waves. Whether you’re navigating cold outreach, networking events, or client consultations, This wisdom will equip you with the tools you need to forge ahead with conviction.

Articulating Your Value: Mastering the OBM Conversation

Being an OBM is more than just a title; it’s a testament to your expertise, skills, and commitment to excellence. Tyler and I engaged in a candid discussion about the art of articulating your value proposition effectively. We explored various communication strategies, from storytelling to case studies, that can help you resonate with potential clients. Tyler shared practical tips on how to tailor your messaging, showcase your accomplishments, and differentiate yourself in a competitive landscape. The goal? To engage in meaningful conversations that not only showcase your expertise but also build trust and credibility.

Your Blueprint for Success: Beta Testing in Your Backyard

As we wrap up this enlightening conversation, Tyler left us with a powerful takeaway: Your local community and network are invaluable assets. By ‘beta testing’ your OBM skills and services in your backyard, you can refine your offerings, gather feedback, and build a solid foundation for future growth. Tyler’s strategic approach encourages you to leverage your existing relationships, tap into local resources, and create tailored solutions that address specific market needs.

Trust us; you won’t want to miss her wisdom on “How To Find A Beta Client – In Your Backyard” and cultivating meaningful relationships.

Remember, I’ve just scratched the surface here. The real gems lie in the podcast episode, so grab your headphones, and hit play. 


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Curious to learn more about Tyler and her transformative work? Head over to Women Making Waves to dive deeper into her world of wisdom and resources.

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