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How to get OBM clients

Dr Ty Richardson, Business Consultant and Coach, shares with the Prowess Project Community HOW to get OBM Clients. 

See Ty’s Three Takeaways below. 

  1. Explain the difference between a Virtual Assistant and Online Business Manager 

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Ty explains… 

A VA, takes your tactic and executes. 

An OBM, takes your vision and strategizes. 

2. CEO should be at $250K in revenue before investing in an OBM

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Whereas it depends on the CEO, and her/his strengths, many can get to the $100-200K revenue mark by themselves and maybe a virtual assistant.  Beyond $250K, if they want to scale, they need the partner, the #2, the right hand woman, the Online Business Manager. 

3. How to assess fit when interviewing an OBM client? 

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Ty reminds us that this is not like interviewing for a job.  You will be this person’s #2, their business partner.  It’s critical that you understand their vision, culture, plan for the team and work-style. 

Watch the FULL interview where Dr Ty Richardson shares more about how to get OBM clients and the importance of an OBM for coaches and consultants, PLUS why NOW is the best time to start an OBM business. 

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