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How to get Social Impact clients

Curious on how to get social impact clients?  

In this recent conversation, Jess Sato, a true advocate for social change, shares her remarkable journey and insights into the growing space of social impact businesses. She described her transition from the corporate world to a life where purpose drives her every move. 

Jess’s journey was marked by a pivotal moment during her consulting work in Ethiopia. A last-minute cancellation led her to reevaluate her path and advocate for her rights. She soon realized that her experience was not unique and that many women, even successful business owners, struggle to ask for what they deserve. 

Jess’s journey took a significant turn as she shifted her focus from corporate clients to supporting women-owned businesses and social impact initiatives. To explore Jess’s incredible transformation and discover her insights on social impact, don’t miss the full conversation. The world of change and opportunity awaits.

For the full context and to hear this inspiring Prowess story, make sure to listen to the latest podcast episode.

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