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Job Search recommendations that you can do today!

Finding a job is stressful!  Especially when you feel like you’re under-the-gun.  Erin Wike, our Talent Specialist, pulled together top things that you can do TODAY to get a job.  For more tips, talk about confidence, career transition and more, join our FB group, 
  • Follow Prowess Project and Mother Honestly on LinkedIn
  • Check out our Job Board:
  • See if you know anyone at companies that interest you on “Find Alumni Tool” on LinkedIn (Google for instructions if you need them but you can search by school, company, organization and find 1st connections for FREE)
  • Read Erin’s blog with tips on how she made her own career transition after a lay-off in 2012:
  • Check out Erin’s FAQ on Career Exploration ideas or the Job Search Tracker spreadsheet she used
  • Read up on our Work Readiness Course:
  • Ask a friend for help, ideas or an opportunity to express what you’re looking to do. Our friends are happy to help us find some clarity or give us new perspectives.
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