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Marketing terms OBMs need to know

Leveling Up Your OBM Skills: How Marketing Speak Can Transform Your Success

We all have that one skill we wish we could master instantly. Whether it’s playing an instrument, ace-ing finance, or speaking Spanish, the desire to excel is universal. But as OBMs, we sometimes face the daunting world of marketing, which can trigger that nagging impostor syndrome. Here are the marketing terms OBMs need to know.

Imagine you’ve landed a new gig as an Online Business Manager (OBM) for a thriving e-commerce company. Your CEO is excitedly talking about the need for effective funnels, nurturing strategies, and improved click-through rates (CTR). While you have a strong grasp of operations and processes, the marketing jargon makes you feel a bit uneasy.

Fear not dear friend–we’ll unravel the mysteries of marketing speak and show you how understanding these terms can skyrocket your success as an OBM.

  1. Funnels – Guiding Prospects from Cold to Closed – A sales funnel is the path prospects follow to become customers. It’s crucial to have a strategy in place, aligning resources to move people through each stage effectively. CEOs want clarity and confidence in the funnel’s success.
  2. Nurture Marketing – Nurturing Leads to Conversion – Nurture marketing involves proactively engaging leads with valuable content along their customer journey. As an OBM, you’ll ensure the process runs smoothly, focusing on channels, messages, offers, and timing that lead to successful conversions.
  3. Click-Through Rate (CTR) – Unveiling Audience Intent – CTR measures the proportion of individuals taking action after seeing your content. CEOs seek insights into campaign effectiveness and audience interest, helping them make informed decisions.

Your role as an OBM is essential in understanding CEOs’ objectives, developing processes, considering technology, tracking metrics, and providing insightful feedback. Collaboration with experts and having fun with the process will lead to success. 

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