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Mediatech Ventures Customer Testimonial


In May of this year, MediaTech Ventures signed an agreement with Prowess Project. Prowess Project provides fractional talent to assist in project and business management. MediaTech Ventures was looking for assistance with managing our new found focus and direction to ensure we got things done. The engagement began with simple meeting management to ensure that the MediaTech Ventures partners stayed on target during our discussions. Prowess Project matched us with Val, a very experienced, down to business professional with a great personality. It turns out, that’s one of the key points about Prowess Project, they match their talent not only on skills and aptitude for the work you need, but they also match you with the right kind of personality.


Meeting Management

From the beginning, Val kept us focused and on task. Prior to her joining us in our work, the team had defined our objectives and key results (OKRs) for the year and quarter. As she helped us stay on target and ensured we hit our targets for the quarter, Val identified a key issue with our objectives. She brought it to our attention and worked with our CEO, Paul O’Brien, to better align the structure. The objectives and key results didn’t change, but our alignment of them was much more concise. 


Throughout our first quarter together, she helped keep us focused on what mattered. She handled the nitty gritty of reporting and performed some additional research we needed. This helped all of us stay out of the weeds and focus on what we were trying to achieve. 


Onward and upward

As the quarter began to wind down, it was clear that for the first time since the company was founded, that we were going to accomplish much more than we had in all the time before. In fact, we all recognized that Val provided more value than what she was doing for us. As a result, we have decided to extend the contract and to move her into more of a Sales Operations role. Over the next quarter, she will be working directly with our President, John Zozzaro, to restructure our sales operations. Val’s talent is perfect for us, her personality fits right in. She has the initiative, the drive, and frankly knows how to put up with some of our crazy antics during meetings while keeping us focused. 


Final thoughts

Prowess Project is on to something here. Any staff augmentation company can provide talent, but do they know how to match the right skills, aptitude, and personality to really make a difference in your company. That’s what Prowess Project has done for us. As our company succeeds, we are sure that part of that will be due to Prowess Project and the support they have provided to us.

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