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Meet Ariel Taranski, Social Media Manager

At Prowess Project, we searched long and hard for a social media expert who not only had the skills but deeply cared/could relate to our mission.  We knocked it outta the park with Ariel.

See the interview with Ariel below.

1. Quick overview of professional background.

I’ve been working in social media marketing and digital content for the past six years, gaining experience from large non-profits to local, small businesses. While I graduated with a degree in English, I’ve been able to combine my creativity with strategy and challenge myself across fields

2. When you realized, “holy shit, Prowess is gonna change the world!”?

Prowess Project is an amazing brand not only focused on bringing women to the forefront, but with some amazing women behind-the-scenes as well. It’s a brand that practices what it preaches, and for every job being filled, that’s one more woman we’ve helped!

3. What you hope to bring to the Prowess team/company/community?

I hope to bring my own skills to Prowess, and market this brand to help women find their dream jobs and land where they’re valued as a mother, a hard-worker, an empath, a fighter. Knowing my efforts could assist anyone in the job search, that’s what drives me.

4. What do you like to do outside of Prowess? 

Outside of Prowess, I like to spend time with my boyfriend, my dogs, my loved ones. I do some creative writing and baking when I can. Mostly, I’m ready to get back to travel in the near future and try some new foods!

5. Life mantra/saying you live by/anything else you’d like to share. 

Life mantras are as follows: “Have courage and be kind.” But also, “Bitches get stuff done.” These two may seem like opposing phrases, but in all actuality, it takes courage to be confident, and to know your worth. Kindness is just a basic human decency thing that I like to live by!

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