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Meet Erin Wike, Talent Specialist

Welcome Erin Wike, Talent Specialist & Career Coach Guru! At Prowess Project, we’ve had our eye on Erin for almost two years now and could not wait to bring her onto the team.  Erin is a one-of-kind resume-writing aficionado, mentor, champion for students & returners and now, friend. We are thrilled to have her take over the Prowess Pro Plan and Work-Readiness Certification.  Learn more about Erin below. 

1. Quick overview of professional background.

Erin worked in Marketing & Advertising for Fortune 500 brands in Chicago before moving into Recruiting and then Career Services in Higher Education in Austin, TX. She currently works with Employers to help students gain valuable work experiences with her day job and then on the side, helps working professionals with their resumes and job searches through her business, Cafe con Resume. 


2. When you realized, “holy shit, Prowess is gonna change the world!”?

Around February 2020, I was working with Ashley to do a Boost Session on resumes. I like to share with people what a recruiter may be looking for and hopefully simplify the daunting process of updating your resume. I had had a lot of private clients that were women wanting to return to work and it was the similar stories that they just needed a little bit of help to realize they were perfectly great candidates and how to show off their transferable skills. I think there are so many incredible women that the Prowess Project can help connect to new and exciting opportunities. It’s a win-win for them and the companies that will bring them on.


3. What you hope to bring to the Prowess team/company/community?

I’d love to be a contact for women who are looking to get back to work and help encourage and reinforce that they are qualified and able to find great opportunities. I know when you are job searching, it can create a lot of anxiety and would be nice to have someone be your cheerleader and in your corner with honest feedback and resources. 


4. What do you like to do outside of Prowess? 

I love seeing the world through my 4 year old’s eyes, read, watch movies, swim, enjoy yummy food/drinks and socialize (less often with Covid, boo). 


5. Life mantra/saying you live by/anything else you’d like to share. 

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s learning how to dance in the rain.” is one of my favorite mantras. 

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