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Meet Megan – Financial Specialist

Ever get lost in quickbooks and wish you had an expert that could help out?

That is exactly what Megan does for Prowess' clients. She helps companies on a fractional basis - taking on the role of finances and giving them back hours to focus on their business.

Who is Megan?

A Minnesota native, transplanted Floridian – thoroughly enjoying the sunshine and not at all missing the frigid temperatures that accompany being a Minnesotan. I received my Bachelor of Science in Accounting and my Master of Business Administration from St. Cloud State University while interning for a public accounting firm in Minneapolis. I gained a breadth of knowledge in all things “public” during my internship and within the first 5 years of my career while in Minnesota. I have since moved to Florida and made the transition into private accounting. This has allowed me to gain experience in the logistics and supply chain business sector. Accounting is such a fulfilling profession and I am very grateful that I have had the opportunity to have my hands in so many different aspects of this field.

Why Prowess?

I was drawn to Prowess because of their strong mission of empowering women in the workplace, I have stayed with Prowess because they have given me the rare opportunity to do what I love. My role before moving to Florida was a unicorn job of sorts, a flex schedule public accounting role, unheard of. I had multiple different clients, but no 80 hour a week requirement, so I was able to do what I love while also having flexibility, ultimately helping people with their finance related projects while not spending my entire life in an office. Prowess allows me to have the unicorn job I did not think I would find again.

"I get so much joy being able to help with what most people don’t like… finances"

How do you help companies through Prowess?

Being part of the Prowess family I have been able to help small and medium sized businesses with short-term finance projects and long-term bookkeeping and tax projects. I would love to partner with more businesses that want to truly understand and be involved in their Company’s financial operations. Alternatively, if they want to sit back and let me take the wheel, I can do that too! I get so much joy being able to help with what most people don’t like… finances… I can’t wait to lend my skills to help businesses complete their accounting goals.

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