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Meet Sruti Ramaswamy, Community Manager

Welcome Sruti Ramaswamy, Prowess Project’s Community Manager!  We have looked long and hard to find the perfect to lead the Prowess Community and we have found it in Sruti.  Be sure to say hi to her in the Community here. 

In the meantime, see the interview with Sruti below.

1. Quick overview of professional background.

In one sentence – An electrical engineer turned community builder. 

Career started in automotive technology , thats where I learn all my skills. Then changed to a small business founder and for past 2 years, lead mission lead startups in building partnerships and community engagement.  


2. When you realized, “holy shit, Prowess is gonna change the world!”?

The day I went through your bootcamp/build a profile. Lot more intensive than submit resume/cover letter. It asked a lot more, made me think and after I did the VARK analysis,  I was more confident about the positions I was going after. 


3. What you hope to bring to the Prowess team/company/community?

My authentic personality. I am the same at work, at home and with friends. 

I am  a very innovative/strategic thinker and doer. That will benefit our team and mission.


4. What do you like to do outside of Prowess? 

Photography ( on my iPhone mainly) , cooking an Indian feast, adventurous travel, collector of knick knacks. 


5. Life mantra/saying you live by/anything else you’d like to share. 

Life mantra – always curious, lives outside the box and takes the path less travelled 

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