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Mom Feature Monday – Colleen Henshaw

  1. Background – what have you done, where are you from, what do you want us to know about your past.  

My love of marketing and event management has taken me on an interesting and very non-linear ride so far.  I’ve worked at Nike, managed professional athletes, handled marketing communications for a global tech company, and produced everything from a small brunch for a former President to a massive hospitality program following the Tour de France while self employed.  The insight and experience gained from having worked in variety of industries and on different scales has proven invaluable and groomed me to become extremely adaptable.    I grew up in a suburb of Chicago, graduated from Notre Dame, and have called Austin home for the greater part of the last 20 years – I’m definitely the one in the family that’s always felt driven to get out in the world and make things happen. 

2. What’s your role at Prowess Project? 

A little bit of everything at the moment – another set of eyes, idea generator (which we all are!), gap filler, whatever is needed. 

3.  Why did you decide to work with Prowess Project?

Hello?!  Have you not read the company values?!  How could anyone not want to work at Prowess after reading them? (Founder’s note:  Blog on Prowess Project values to come). 

4. Describe the moment when you realized “holy sh*t, Prowess Project is going to change the world!”.

From my first conversation with Ashley when she started at Founder Institute, when Prowess was a wee little embryo.    I’d been the Mom struggling with re-entry.  I’d been on teams that struggled to get things done.  But you add Ashley’s fire to that and I knew this was going to be something epic.

5. What do you wish that your coworkers knew about your work style?

I’m a maniacal researcher and like to map out all my options, whether it’s the title for a press release or an event location.  80/20 is a real growth area for me.

6. What’s your all-time favorite productivity hack (this can be in personal & professional life)?  

Exercise in the morning.  I’m someone that needs to move her body everyday, ideally something pretty intense.  It’s not negotiable.  Why?  Because my energy and productivity explode for hours after I return.  Unless something is critical in a moment I always schedule around a workout.

7. If you could bring attention to one thing that women deal with juggling kids and career that goes unnoticed or unthanked, what would it be? 

The mental burden women carry is REAL y’all, and it feel magnified when you are working.  The 75,000 things moms are responsible for that are always kicking around in the back of our head and on a separate to-do list that our partners rarely carry the burden of. We are organized, productive women crushing work and life but it can still feel like we are drowning sometimes under it all. 

8. What kids song (or song your kid listens to) is currently stuck in your head?

“Alexander Hamilton” from the soundtrack.  He’s had it on repeat for at least two years now.  

9. What does a “me” day look like to you?

I take a me weekend away a few times a year with friends and that fills my cup back up! 

10. Define empowerment. 

Having confidence in yourself and your work along with the active support of your tribe.  

11. Favorites lately: 

Podcast: Goop.  They have an incredible variety of thought leaders, it’s my one-stop shop for everything from productivity, resilience, entrepreneurship, empowerment, parenting, wellness, healing, creativity, and woo woo. 


Fiction: Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberley McCreight  

Non-fiction: Stress Less, Accomplish More by Emily Fletcher .  I always have one fiction and non-fiction going at the same time, the non-fiction usually on Audible (I consider it a productivity hack!)

Book that changed my life:  Recently, Girl Wash your Face kicked my a** into gear.  All time, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho 

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