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We get it, after a career break or pivot, hopping on a run-of-the-mill job board can seem overwhelming. Prowess’ intentional approach to landing your next job keeps your mindset front and center.

Whether you need a job yesterday or a bit of upskilling, we have you covered.

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"Prowess recognizes the multifaceted nature of women and our endless capabilities as whole human beings."

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Why job hunt with Prowess Project? We take an intentional approach to matching because we know that finding a company where you’ll want to stay is key. We do the vetting upfront, for jobseeker & employers, so you know any job leads with Prowess are serious contenders.


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Designed with career pivots & returners in mind, Prowess’ training helps you develop a clear career plan, pinpoint transferable skills, build a resume & brush up on professional know-how.

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