A data-driven approach that blends pedigree and personality to pair you with a professional who's perfect for you.

We’re losing a generation of capable, engaged female talent - but you don’t have to.

COVID-19 pushed over 2M educated females out of the workforce due to the lack of childcare and access to flexible jobs. Prowess has become a “landing pad” for these women providing our customers with untapped, ready-to-work talent you can’t get elsewhere. 

She’s up for your challenge

Fed-up with today’s hiring practices, Prowess puts an early emphasis on behavior-style and culture fit (combined with expertise, of course) when shortlisting the top candidates for your team – cutting your time to hire and ramp in half.

Skills & Industry experience

Tech, tools and tips on how to run a business and teams completely virtually. 


Emotional intelligence, navigating team dynamics, listening & facilitation skills

Why we’re referred to as “The future of hiring”

Whose seasoned, extensive experience makes an immediate, meaningful impact
Compared to what it would typically require you to find/hire the same type and echelon of talent on a full-time, benefits-included basis
That assures your match will connect with your team and corporate culture.
To get work done in a way that’s financially effective & family-friendly.

Prowess Reviews

Client Testimonials

From discovery call to talent hired in just three hours of my time! You can’t beat that.


Marketing Manager

With Prowess, I know that things are getting done behind the scenes. It’s a relief to handoff the process creation and project delivery so I can focus on high-level execution. 


Start-up Founder

We partnered with Prowess to meet some urgent project management resourcing needs.  They were fast to respond, highly professional and delivered great, cost-effective candidate.


Development Agency