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Free Course – Finding your joy in returning to work

“I just don’t know what I want to do” – Moms everywhere

We get it. You feel stuck.

We hear from hundreds of women just like you that when the thought pops up to start (or re-start) our career, you’re met with a paralyzing fear, confusion and/or anxiety about what we want to do next, where to go, who can help.

What you’ll get in the course

With that in mind, the leaders of Prowess Project created this course to walk you through the practice of stating what you want to do. We take a look at healthy boundaries that we need set to establish our success and staying in alignment with our goals and dreams.

We also celebrate you and help call attention to your natural talents that you can put towards a rewarding career without sacrificing the energy that you want to place toward your personal goals and caring for your loved ones.

By the end this hour course +15 page-workbook, you’ll have an actionable plan outlining all the next steps to your ideal transition back into the workforce.

Join us HERE for this fun, uplifting class that is the first step in your return-to-work journey!

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