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New Prowess Team Member: Brittany Klutz

The Prowess team continues to expand!  We are thrilled to welcome new Prowess team member: Brittany Klutz. 

What I love about Brittany’s origin story with Prowess was she cold emailed Prowess asking for a job. It happened to be the exact time that we were looking for sales people.  Some say coincidence, others say the Universe brought us together.  I think it’s the latter.  

Get to know Brittany a bit better via her Q&A below. 

1. Tell us about your professional background.

Majority of my career has been spent in Talent Management and Program Operational Management; leading all HR activities for teams including recruiting, retention, succession planning, training, performance management, development, compensation/pay, team building, and recognition practices. Most recently with Xerox Corporation, I held an operational leadership role, with full operational accountability for their North American Medtronic Portfolio.  I managed both internal and external (client and partner) relationships and interface within all facets of management, heavily focused on the customer experience and customer satisfaction.

2. When did you realized, “Holy shit, Prowess is gonna change the world!”?

The minute I went on the website and saw its mission.  Coming from a career in Recruitment and Talent Acquisition, I knew there was not an organization out there like it and it was a HUGE opportunity in the industry to fill that void, empower mothers and women in business, while also driving diversification.

3. What do you hope to bring to Prowess? 

Myself! I am business driven and people focused. I am the furthest thing from perfect and seeking ways to grow and learn daily. One of my favorite quotes is by Glennon Doyle “A life without touching other people is boring as hell.”  I want to touch the lives of other mothers and women like myself, to turn pain into power, hardships into great success, and pave a path for women to feel confident and equal starting out and/or getting back into the workforce.

4. What do you like to do in your free time?  

My Peloton bike!  Sounds cheesy, but it truly is my ride or die and has gotten me through this past year.  I love the outdoors.  Born and raised in MN, I love the lakes, swimming, boating, camping and cabin life, hiking, golfing, ice skating and sledding during the winter months!  I also love reading and am always reading a book of some sort on mental health as I feel it’s just as important as our physical health.  I am also a full time mommy of 2 and have a wonderful husband who motivates me in so many ways to never give up.

5. What is your life mantra? 

 I have a few mantras I live by and remind myself of often depending on the day.

     Don’t ask what the world needs; ask what makes you come alive and go do it.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

     Live in the now, be present, and only control what you can control.

     Live with Empathy.

     They can knock you down, but NEVER let them knock you out!

     Chin up. Crown on. If you give up, what was it all for? Be proud of the struggle.

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