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OBM Career – Year in Review!

Hi Prowess OBMs!

Many of you come to Prowess Project and had never heard of the role Online Business Manager, but when you hear the details you KNOW that it’s YOU. 

In this episode, we are providing insight on OBM Career – Year in Review! You’ll see how the OBM role has evolved over the past decade and where it’s headed 🙂  Whether you’re a seasoned OBM, aspiring to be one, you’ll get a LOT out of this episode. 

Quick Dip into Prowess Project:

If you’re a woman looking to pivot careers or hop back after a break, Prowess Project’s got your back, matching you with the right-fit clients based on your work-style and expertise.

Flashback to a Decade Ago:

Remember when OBMs were just virtual assistants with a fancy title? Ah, simpler times! Fast forward to now, and you’ve got OBMs focused on business strategy in the online business realm.

Fast-Forward to Now:

Tech-Savvy OBMs: Gone are the days of just juggling emails. Today, it’s all about understanding lots of software and how they all fit together like CRMs, social media management, analytics, and AI!

Remote Revolution: As a result of COVID-19, the idea of remote work is now the norm.

Rise of the Solopreneur: Pandemic-inspired solopreneurs are on the rise, fueling the demand for OBMs.

Skills Galore: Today’s OBMs aren’t just tech whizzes; they’re strategic, understand the backend of marketing and financials – all rolled into one. 

Spotlight on ChatGPT:

Raise your hand if you’ve heard of ChatGPT! 🙋‍♀️ If Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, is saying AI’s the future, who are we to argue? And for OBMs? Mastering ChatGPT will be HUGE moving forward. 

Money Talks:

Think OBMs are struggling? Think again! With the right skills, OBMs are cashing in up to $150K annually. Pro tip? Specialize and let those results do the talking.

What’s Next for OBMs?

Oh, the possibilities! Whether it’s niching down, specializing in AI, or diving into booming sectors like e-learning and social commerce, the future’s looking bright for OBMs.

The full episode has all of the above PLUS stats to back it up/ .

So, grab those headphones, hit play, and let’s go!

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