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OBM Opportunity Podcast

This has been 4 years in the making...

Imagine… Feb 2019 

“Oh my gosh, Leah, and one day, we’ll launch a PODCAST” – Ashley, Visionary

“I LOVE it. Ashley, I felt like I was wingin’ it as an Online Business Manager.  I don’t want anyone else to feel that way.” – Leah, Integrator

“Exactly! I truly feel like becoming an OBM is a game-changer for these women who want flexibility.  Think about how many lives we could change – or how many listeners will feel less alone!”  – Ashley


Four years later… 

“Leah, whoa. These past four years building Prowess have been A LOT.  I’ve made all the mistakes, had all the coffee chats, gotten all the coaching, been through all the courses, spoken with (what feels like) all the CEOs.” – Ashley

“Ha! Yeah, and I’ve learned all the tools, watched all the YouTubes, made all the Zaps, modeled all the scenarios, and guided/coached all the OBMs. 

I mean I could write a freaking BOOK on Airtable.” – Leah 

“We can’t keep all this insight to ourselves.” – Ashley

“Nope – time to expand our mission.” – Leah

“So, it’s time?” – Ashley

“It’s time. ” – Leah

“Oh my gosh, Leah!  We’re launching a podcast!” – Ashley

“YUP! But I have just one question?” – Leah 

“What’s that?” – Ashley

“Libsyn or Buzzsprout?” – Leah 



Tune in each week for Prowess Project’s OBM Opportunity podcast where we are sharing how to soar to 6-figures as an Online Business Manager. 

There will be strategy, tactics, guests, and LOTS of laughs. 

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