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Your business just landed a new client, and you need to get started yesterday.  You need a fractional project manager to ensure the project gets delivered on time and on budget. Prowess’ talent pool of project managers are vetted and ready-to-work for you.


Our talent ebbs & flows with your project load

You need different work-styles for different teams

Risk-free try-before-you-buy hiring options

Vetted Project Management Talent

Our talent is vetted in the following to ensure quality

Professional Skill

Project Management
Remote Work Expertise
Business Operations Specialists
Latest Technology Skills

People Skill

Calm under pressure
Team Leadership

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Research firm saves $15K+/mo with Prowess

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Difficulty hiring

Fortune 1000 companies rely on Ebco's market research. During quick growth, they needed a fractional project manager but couldn't find the quality on online job sites, wasting months of their precious time.

Prowess in action

CEO, Erin reached out to Prowess to help. Within 3 hours of her time, Erin hired a fractional project manager who had the needed skill set and complemented their team dynamics.


Now streamlined & saving

Prowess' fractional project manager played “traffic cop” for all Ebco's projects saving the $15,000+ a month in last-minute outsourced work plus 1000s of hours of their time. Full case study here.

Workforce-ready and matched via skills & behavior-style compatibility

All Prowess talent must onboard on the Prowess Project platform.  During that time, we are pulling 100s of data points on their professional and behavior-styles. Our algorithm-driven matching pairs you up with talent who is most compatible with you and your team. If needed, we can upskill any gaps in

remote technology

Tech, tools and tips on how to run a business and teams completely virtually. 

communication & empathy

Emotional intelligence, navigating team dynamics, listening & facilitation skills

project management

Project Management principles, workflows, timeline building & budgeting

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Benefits of Prowess Talent

Proven, innovative talent

Our talent is vetted to be quick-thinkers and problem-solvers. Never has this been more mission-critical for your business than now.
Our talent is vetted to be quick-thinkers and problem-solvers. Never has this been more mission-critical for your business than now.
Decrease turnover cost

Flexible contracts to match workload & budget

Our talent flexes with your bandwidth needs. She'll scale up and down fitting your workload and budget.
Get control of your time

Speedy interview & ramp-up process

Interview period as little as 3 hours and onboarding is cut in half. Our talent network is paired with your team based on IQ & EQ compatibility speeding up all processes significantly.

Our Mission

At Prowess, we saw two problems in the workforce. First, teams not living up to their full potential because they are bogged down by fire drills. Second, educated and qualified women pausing their careers, many to become caretakers and then struggle to return to the workforce.  

Prowess provides employers with expert talent at a reasonable cost by vetting and certifying women at a career transition.  Our proprietary algorithm matches them jobs based on IQ & EQ creating a natural fit almost instantly.   Women now can have it all – a fulfilling work and time with family.

You can have confidence
with Prowess Project at your side.

How we do it

Assess your needs
Review your tools & processes
Integrate into your team

What we do

Educated & Experienced
Community of shared best practices
Continued education

Why we do it

Personality-style compatibility
Skills vetted
In demand higher-level talent

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