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Project Manager Spotlight – Tory Fitzgerald

Meet one of Prowess Project Manager Tory Fitzgerald!

From day one Tory has been 110% Prowess Project.  She is incredibly supportive, collaborative and boy, does she take initiative. Within days of joining, she was already brainstorming a Prowess Project ambassador program and plan (stay tuned on that one). Oh and if you need a remote work expert?  Look no further.  

Check out a bit more about Tory. 

Why’d you decide to join Prowess Project?

To take on a new challenge, grow my skills and surround myself with powerful women! See her full video here. 

What are your top 5 professional skills?

Leadership, collaboration, organization, process improvement and communication.

What is your dream project? 

I love building operational processes! My ideal position would be for a small company that needs help scaling their processes. This company would put a high focus trust, communication and hard work!

Why did you decide to transition to remote work?

My reasoning for transitioning to remote work was to seek different opportunities. My home town is on the smaller side and we want to move even more into a rural area. The closest large cities are about 1.5 hours away. I want to bring big city opportunities to the environment I flourish in!

What are 5 words that describe you?

Friendly, a planner, self starter, educated and dog lover!

Share a women empowerment story. 

I had just started at Target and my peers and I went out for drinks after work. It was all men, which is normal in distribution. The conversation turned to flying airplanes because one of my peers was in the Air Force. I wanted to add to the conversation since I had actually flown an airplane before. (I worked at a flight school.) I was soon told that ‘girls can’t fly plans.’ I fell silent, drank the rest of my beer and stood up the leave. Not before looking at my peer and stating, ‘if women can’t fly planes, then they can’t pay checks either. So if you wouldn’t mind picking this up?

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