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Prowess Project Brand Manifesto

When building Prowess Project, Leah and I knew one thing. This was all about our mission.  All about the mission of helping women have a fulfilling life and career. 

Below is the Prowess Project brand manifesto that we worked very hard with Jen Slaski Halligan, CEO, Honey Bee Branding, to develop. 

If this speaks to you, let us know below. Enjoy!

“We BELIEVE that… in this one life we have to live, each individual deserves the chance to do work they find rewarding. We believe that the most rewarding work happens when people are in roles they are uniquely suited for, and in places that align with their values. We believe in “work-life being” where home and work co-exist and are valued equally. We believe that the workplaces that are most prolific are those who hire a whole person – not just a professional pedigree – and who embrace diversity of thinking, being and doing as the best way to build successful teams and retain top talent.

Because we believe that…we wake up every day inspired by a MISSION to match companies with accomplished professionals seeking to share their expertise while being present to their families. We do this through an algorithm-driven placement platform that pairs people with opportunities based on the most comprehensive and intentional set of criteria in the talent industry.

By enabling “holistic hiring,” our VISION is that someday we’ll democratize the pursuit of happiness…that we’ll live in a world where anyone, anywhere can find a place where their prowess is recognized and rewarded in a way that allows them to live an on-purpose life – a life where they can THRIVE instead of just survive.

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