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Prowess Project Certification On-demand

Great news – you’ve asked and we’ve listened.  Kicking off on May 11th, Prowess Project is hosting our Prowess Project Certification on-demand.   You’ll still get all the same content, cohort collaboration and access to Prowess leaders, but the sessions will be recorded so you can watch when YOU are free. 

How is this different than the previous Prowess Project Certification format? 

  • Recorded sessions: Instead of mandatory live training sessions, the sessions will be recorded so you can watch AND review at your leisure.  More tools to help you succeed. 
  • Live check-ins: The magic of Prowess Project is in the group of accomplished, capability women we are building. We want you to have access to that same collaboration.  There will be a Welcome call to kick things off on Monday, May 11th at noon, and two check-in points with Leah, the trainer and mandatory group work to complete the certification. 
  • Time limit: If you complete the certification and pass the final test, you are entered into our job pool. To be eligible, you must finish the content and test within three weeks of starting the certification. 
  • Certification cost: The Prowess Project certification in the on-demand format costs $350. 

When does the certification start? 

  • Date: Mon, May 11th (we’ll hold certifications roughly every three weeks)
  • Cost: $350 
  • Spots left: 3 – we already have several folks interested
  • Content: Details here. 

What are my next steps? 

  • Apply HERE
  • If you already have, schedule a call to review  your application – Here
 Not sure – hear from a Prowess Project Manager how the certification changed her career and life. 
As always, thanks for your support for Prowess Project.  We are constantly trying to improve and make upskilling accessible to women like you. 
Reach out with any questions, whatsoever. 
Until next time!
Leah & Ashley 
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