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Prowess Project helping a business scale – Customer Testimonial

It’s rare to get a surprise customer testimonial.  In a world where third party validation makes or breaks your company. a customer speaking on behalf of your business is gold. 

Imagine my surprise to hop on LinkedIn to see this testimonial from Prowess Project’s customer, Ebco, a trend and innovation firm based in Austin, Texas, with a goal to enable innovation teams.  

Surprised, delighted, and grateful are all understatements.  Hear what CEO, Erin Jacobs Mays says about Prowess Project below. 

We were the closest we’d ever been to dropping the ball.

My co-founder and I were wearing more hats than we could handle. We were traveling, managing clients, managing our team, and watching deadlines race towards us at the speed of light.

We needed help — but we weren’t ready to hire someone as a full-time project manager.

I happened to meet the founder of Prowess Project at a startup incubator. Her idea was brilliant: hire highly qualified women who exited the workforce to care for their families or for personal reasons, train them in project managers and people management, and allow them to work fractionally on their own terms.

Exactly what Ebco needed.

Working with Prowess has been a 100% positive experience. Our project manager is doing an incredible job. She meshes with our team seamlessly. She’s taken the pressure off of my co-founder and I, so we can focus on growing the company.

And it’s a win-win: we get a project manager who only works the hours we need, and she gets a flexible schedule she wants.

With so many new companies entering the marketplace, you can’t limit yourself to the traditional options.

Always be open to unconventional solutions.

You never know when you’ll find the perfect idea that will totally transform your business.

Aside from people great people in general, I attribute the success of the placement to their open-mindedness, quick turnaround for the personality indicator tests and willingness to follow our interview and onboarding guides.  We had a very candid dialogue throughout the entire process which helped drill directly into the quality interview questions that typically take three or four interviews to encover.  Plus, we only presented Ebco with options that fit had a 80+% compatibility rate.  Having that head start in whether or not the candidate would mesh is key. 

Thank you again, Ebco, for the glowing review! What a way to start 2020!

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