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Prowess Project’s Business Transformation Process

Working with a Prowess OBM

I’ve spoken with 100+ CEOs who are looking for Online Business Managers, but they don’t know it. 

Oftentimes CEOs try to hire a Virtual Assistant and expect them to lean in, be a self-starter, be proactive, when that’s not what/how they deliver – or are compensated for.

The top ask I get from CEOs is, “Ashley, I just want someone who is going to come into my business and tell ME what needs to get done in order to clean up the systems and scale it”.

Enter your Online Business Manager. 

As mentioned before the difference between a VA & OBM is: 

A VA takes your tactics and executes. An OBM takes your vision and strategizes.

In that very explanation you see how the OBM is expected to proactively enter the work engagement with a plan of how all systems, ops, tools, foundations, etc *could* be built an/or optimized. 

In order to streamline this plan, Prowess Project created our own Business Transformation Process that we train all our Online Business Managers on with the goal of creating a solid business operations engine for our clients. 

Our 4-Phase Business Transformation Process

Based on the combined 50+ years of business experience, Leah, Prowess COO & I built this easy to implement 4-Phase process.

Prowess Project Business Transformation Process

Phase 1 – Audit & Foundations Set-up

Here your OBM will audit your entire business to understand what systems, tools, processes, needs, gaps and more exist right now and what needs to be created. 

You will walk away with a plan with estimated action-steps and timeline to make all this happen.  From there, you both decide when and which resources (yes, your OBMs can implement too) you’ll use to tackle this depending on budget, timeline and expertise-needed.

Phase 2 – Analytics Deep-Dive

In Phase 2, your OBM gathers all the data that you have and pinpoints what data you NEED in order to reach your goals and run and efficient business.  From there, she will put it into dashboards and reports to make sure you have a pulse on your business. 

Phase 3 – Demand Engine Creation 

The third step is a gut-check from an operations-minded expert on your entire demand generation engine to ensure alignment and automation.  This is key so that the messages, value proposition, offer, etc are consistent throughout the business, and most importantly, speak to the need that your target audience has. 

Phase 4 – Growth & Maintenance 

Once all foundations are set, now it’s time to dive into the numbers.  Your OBM will be looking for cost savings and profit growth.  This phase should be never-ending.  Your business can always be more efficient & effective at solving the problems AND putting $ in your pocket. 

Curious to see what a Prowess OBM can do to help YOUR business? 

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