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Prowess’ remote work allows me to work from anywhere

Two years ago this was all but a dream, one I couldn’t quite envision but the thought of it felt right, and invigorating, like it was meant for me. 

I spent the last week working remotely from Jamaica because I was able to easily say “yes” to an opportunity to get up and go. Just a few months ago, I was stuck in a toxic, dead end 9-6 with an hour commute that sucked the life out of my motivation, mental health and creativity. 

Now I’m here on a balcony listening to the waves and feeling the sunshine and breeze as I work with my clients while in another beautiful country. 

How I did it – networking with the right people. 

Aligning with a company that fights for women to have meaningful work that fits into their lives, and who recognizes your talents and emotional intelligence – Insert Prowess Project. 

Prowess saw and heard me, and knew that I could grow into an efficient, ever-learning remote worker who supports business and helps companies get shit done. 

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I connected to them through their remote, work-readiness certification  because I knew I needed to find a way into that work life for so many reasons, and it’s resulted in a happier, healthier, and more productive employment situation than I could have imagined. I not only learned tools, resources and skills relating to remote project management (like Trello, Slack and Google Drive) that fit right into all of my business management experience, but I gained confidence and started ridding myself of that imposter syndrome that sometimes keeps us stuck.

Opportunities have blossomed since then and now I handle 3 amazing work opportunities, from wherever I want and on my terms.  I’m a much more engaged, creative and efficient person and employee that finds ways to accomplish more and more, while enjoying life and it’s opportunities. Traveling allows me to learn more culture, language and ways of doing things that just helps to spark new ideas and collaboration in my work life. 

Saying yes to me

Saying yes to me and a way to start to pivot my new work life led to more than I could have imagined, so please talk about it, search for it, ask about it and say yes when situations present themselves even if you’re scared and not quite sure how to get to the end. 

Because Prowess will have your back the whole time anyways.

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