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Takeaways from our Planning Session

The Prowess Project team had our first in-person here are the takeaways from our planning session from three different perspectives. 

Not only do we love capturing the lessons-learned to share with other leadership teams, but you can see from the videos that all three have very different perspectives, styles and therefore, takeaways.

Ashley, CEO & Founder

  • Focus of your strengths or Genius Zone and double-down on those (shoutout to Stride 2 Freedom podcast for introducing me to the Genius Zone)
  • Find the gaps and hire for those 

Leah, COO

  • Implement radical honesty
  • Keep it simple
  • Tie it all together

Brittany, Head of Sales – part one

For a breakdown of our planning session (and to see part 2 & 3 from Britt), so that you can create your own – stay tuned for our next blog post which we will post a link to HERE. 

Thoughts on the takeaways from our planning session?  Anything that you’ve never thought about? Comment below. 

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  1. Erin Wike

    Love all these insights – thank you for sharing!

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