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Top 3 Instagram tips when setting up your client’s account

Leah Steinkirch, Prowess’ COO, outdid herself yet again by launching new version of the Prowess Certification with a much smoother user experience for women returning to the workforce, looking for resources. 

There was a ton of work.  Lots of coordination. Lots of back and forth between the two of us on what needs to be where and by when. 

Yesterday’s certification would not have kicked off without the use of TRELLO.  Reminder, Trello is FREE, project management software.  I like it because it’s simple and a good starter tool – when you need more advanced, that’s when you reach for Asana, Basecamp, MS Projects, etc. 

Why we love Trello

  1. Labels – What was so key was our use of labels to signify who needed to review the card next.  I was yellow, Leah was purple and it made scanning the board for our next to-do SUPER easy.
  2. Customizable project stages – Since this was a tech project, we added to the standard stages “To-do, Doing, Done” – a section on typos & bug fixes.  That helped Leah prioritize what card to tackle next.  For example, a problem with the payment process takes precedent over a typo.   
  3. Integration with Slack – These days I live and die by Slack. I believe with the help of Zapier, Leah created a notification alerting us when attention is needed on Trello.  Alerts range from due dates, tags, progress updates and much more – all in your regular workflow. 

Not sure how we made it happen, but by the end of the evening, Certification registration was up & communications had gone out.  Wizardry and Trello are the only way that that happened. 

Anyone else love Trello like we do? 

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