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Top skills hiring managers are looking for in 2021

2020 sent the work world in a tailspin.  Due to the overnight effects of COVID-19, the workforce had to flex like never before.  Now that we’re nearly a year in (yeah – can you believe it? I can’t), the top skills hiring managers are looking for in 2021 most likely look very different than had the dumpster fire that was 2020 not taken place. 

According to the World Economic Forum Future of Jobs report, HALF of all professionals will need reskilling within the next four years.  

This suggests that the “knowledge gap” that caregivers returning to the workforce must overcome can’t be seen as such a scarlet letter because 50% of the workforce will be in the same boat. 

The Prowess Pro advantage 

The Future of Jobs report does further to describe the top skills hiring managers are looking for in 2021 and categorize them in the following buckets.

  • Problem-solving
  • Self-management
  • Working with people
  • Tech use & development

As I scanned the top skills, it dawned on me that not just one but ALL of them are covered in detail in the Prowess work-readiness Certification that all the jobseekers in our talent pool must master.  Being a founder, I am “winging it” 90% of the time, but one thing that I knew was KEY was I didn’t know all the answers.  To build the certification, I brought on Leah Steinkirch, our COO, with years of psychology training and learning & development instructor experience.  She developed the Prowess Certification curriculum and since then, has been meticulously improving, streamlining, deepening the content. 

We knew that configuring a certification that covered interpersonal, goal-setting, project management and tech skills was crucial to developing a well-rounded professional ready to hit-the-ground-running.  The Prowess Certification covers the topics in the following ways:

  • Problem-solvingReal-world workplace meeting roleplaying and scenario planning
  • Self-managementIntrospective look at your strengths & weaknesses, wills & will nots, ideal scheduling, learning and work-style
  • Working with peopleCommunication and emotional intelligence workplace exercises shared with small groups of peers
  • Tech use & development – Final project displaying the mastery of 10 of the top workplace tech skills

Ready to get your upskilling started?  Learn more during our KICK-OFF CALL Mon, Jan 11th at noon CST. 

We’re looking forward to helping you forge your career path with the help of the Prowess Community behind you.

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