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Understand what a project manager is and how Prowess Project likens them to Yoda

What is a project manager?

Ever feel like you aren’t getting anything done because you’re too busy putting out fires to focus on strategy?  You’re too busy getting into the minutiae of your team’s work that you aren’t being productive on your own? Now, what if you had someone to drive the projects, hold your team accountable and follow-up to ensure they are completing their tasks on time?

The answer to what you’re looking for – a Project Manager.

According to the Project Management Institute, a project manager is someone who has the “knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques for project activities to meet project requirements”.  Today, Project Manager is a commonly used job title in the corporate world, but what exactly do they do?

A Project manager is accountable for the success or failure of a project.

Typical responsibilities of a project manager include:

  1. Planning, executing, and closing projects— defining the project, building its comprehensive work plan and managing to the budget
  2. Managing teams— facilitating commitment and productivity, removing obstacles, and motivating team members
  3. Managing expectations — aligning projects to business goals, managing stakeholders, and communicating project status, milestones, and unexpected difficulties effectively

Or in other words, the Yoda of your project.

At Prowess Project, we cultivate project managers (Prowess Yodas) to help business leaders and their teams get stuff done.  Like Yoda, their role is to increase the emotional intelligence of the team and raise the level of confidence, efficiency and focus to a new standard by modeling and coaching.

Also like Yoda, our Prowess project managers execute tasks while not running the project (not fighting with lightsabers exactly, but close).  

Not sure what a project manager can do for you?

See a list of what some of ours have tackled below:

  • Provide an unbiased view of the project and help develop a plan to execute
  • Facilitate meetings – Create agenda, manage attendees, keep time & keep on topic, deliver meeting meetings, follow-up on actions
  • Build & pull together the team’s PowerPoint presentations
  • Grant writing & submitting
  • Technology evaluations
  • Social media execution
  • Follow-up on sales leads
  • Email newsletter management – process and execution
  • Teamwork and interpersonal dynamics exercises
  • Develop, execute and train tech tool adoption processes
  • Community management

Got questions?  Schedule a call to discuss what Prowess Project can do for you.

 Your focus determines your reality,


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