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What is an Online Business Manager?

What is an Online Business Manager?

That question is taking Google by storm!  Especially as the demand for remote jobs increases while the supply decreases. 9 out of 10 companies will be returning to the office! 

So, it’s key to secure your expertise as an Online Business Manager to serve online businesses.


Per Indeed, an Online Business Manager (OBM) is….

An online business manager is a virtual support professional that helps organizations manage daily projects, processes and team members. They’re in charge of maintaining the operations of the company by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), establishing goals and measuring their progress. Online business managers work closely with the owner of the company to ensure they implement their strategy effectively. This allows the owner to focus on top-line growth and new business opportunities, while the online business manager focuses on more administrative tasks.

Net/net if you love the idea of teaming up with a visionary (aka CEO/Founder/Business Owner) to turn their grand plans into a reality, being an Online Business Manager could be for YOU!

See some of the top roles and responsibilities for Online Business Managers:

  • You run the systems, processes, operations or the day-to-day of the business. 
  • You are a tech & automation aficionado.  You are constantly thinking how to automate the business more and more to make it more efficient.
  • You are focused on growth and profit. You have a deep understanding of the demand generation engine so you can optimize, specifically online.


Why do OBMs love their jobs?  Here are what our OBMs say is THE reason they decided to take the leap.

  • Helllllo flexibility! You can work on your own time, wherever and whenever you want.
  • You SEE the impact that you make every day.
  • You use all your past professional and interpersonal experience.  You touch all departments and people within the business.  That means that you need to have a general understanding of the department AND need the EQ (emotional intelligence skills) in order to flex your communication-style to MANY different types of people.


So how do you know if you’d make a good OBM?

We’ve listed out the top skills below:  Hard skills (professional skills) & soft skills (interpersonal) below.

Hard Skills (professional):

  • Automation creation – Using technology to automate simple tasks like CRM management, Onboarding a new client, sending surveys, social media planning
  • Data analyzation – This could be in efficiencies, financial reporting, identifying buyer/lead trends & reporting/ dashboarding.
  • Revenue operations – OR creating and managing the demand generation engine. Please note- this does NOT mean that you’re the one cold-calling. You are the one in the background building the CRM, ensuring that it’s talking to your database, analyzing which emails or social posts are successful, making recommendations on what to do more of, etc.

Soft Skills (Interpersonal):

  • Problem-solver – You are Mrs Fix-it always!  To everyone. Whether it’s a gadget, relationship issue, tech problem, or they need a favor – you are at person.
  • Quick-learnerYou naturally pick up things, concepts, patterns, technology, very quickly. 
  • Empathic Communicator As an OBM, you are the glue that keeps the entire business together. So that means that you are working with a lot of different behavior and communication styles. BUT you have to get them to collectively move the ball forward.  It’s super important to be able to speak to people the way that they best respond and adjust that to a variety of different people and situations. 
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