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Where Visionaries meet their Integrators

To kick-off 2023, here’s a bit of what Leah Steinkirch have been up to….

Prowess Project is an online platform that helps caregivers and career-pivoters upskill, network and get access to family-friendly jobs. In just three years, our team has helped 1000s(!!!) of women secure work – in ways that worked for them and their families. 

Point blank, I could not have achieved this dream without THE real-life Swiss Army Knife that is Leah Steinkirch, Prowess Project’s COO, the integrator to my visionary. Leah is always three steps ahead of me turning my vision into reality and exceeds my expectations every single time.

Leah attributes her unparalleled strategy & get-it-done grit to her role as a mom and caregiver to her family. Not only has it trained her to be scrappy, solutions-oriented and creative, her empathy, strong communication skills and dedication to the mission make her absolutely invaluable.

I want this for all of the Leah’s & Ashley’s out there. Caregivers can be standout OBMs (Online Business Managers) – who run businesses, so the visionary can do what they love best.

I’ve spoken to 1000s of coaches and consultants and 90% of them NEED a “Leah” and don’t know where to find one.

I’ve spoken with 1000s of returners and  career-pivoters, who want to make an impact for the Ashley’s of the world.

Prowess is your place to get matched.

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