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Why remote work is a workings moms best friend

Why remote work is a working mom’s best friend… 

My daughter is 5 months old.  She started daycare 1.5 months ago, and I was laying in bed Sunday thinking, WOW, it’s incredible that there hasn’t been a virus going around her class yet.  Fast forward not even 18 hours and I get an email… Dear Parents of XXX class,  There has been a classmate who has tested positive for XXX… 


So, Lottie and I are gearing up for a fun filled workday today. Hence, my following plea. 

I have 6 meetings tomorrow that if I were in a traditional, onsite work scenario, I would have to cancel all of them, leaving me severely behind, stressed and feeling like the ultimate bottleneck. Instead ALL of them will continue. Remote work is making this possible. The ability to meet with anyone across the globe and continue to get work done is allowing Prowess Project to stay on track. 

You may be thinking, yeah, Ash, everyone has been saying this for 2 years now due to COVID – that remote work has been a lifesaver, and you’re right.  For two full years, we made it work.  We proved it was possible. And that’s why this plea is even more important.  Working caregivers are begging you, pleading with you not to revert back to onsite, non-remote friendly workplaces.  Since in this country, caregivers are mostly women, this spur of the moment childcare falls on us. Without the helpful tools (shout out Zoom, GoogleMeets, etc), but more importantly, inclusive, empathetic culture, we wouldn’t stand a chance. 

PLEASE let’s not go back.  This one working mother (much less startup CEO) begs of you. 

#Remotework is here to stay.  

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