You are currently viewing Why women trust Prowess Project? Because we vet our employers. Here’s what we look for.

Why women trust Prowess Project? Because we vet our employers. Here’s what we look for.

Because we vet our employers. Here’s what we look for.

One of the top reasons employers come to Prowess Project is because our talent goes through an extensive vetting process.  At the end, Prowess gives the talent a proverbial stamp of approval, then invites them to join our job pool.  Well, what the employers may not realize is that we are doing the exact same thing on their side – we vet our employers to ensure that they will provide good workplaces for our talent to land. 

Considering using Prowess Project to help build your team?  Great – here are examples of what we look for:

  • Do you personally connect with our mission of helping women return to work? We find that people who have a returner in their life understand the value that they bring and the growth that occurred during their break caregiving. Data on that here.
  • Do you know what you want/need in the role? The clearer you are about your needs, challenges, and expectations, the better picture we can paint to the talent and a better chance you have of finding the right person.
  • Is your budget reasonable for the work needed?  Sadly there is a huge misconception that working moms, especially working remotely, should be cheap labor.  We are here to tell you that that is not the case, and especially not at Prowess Project.  Our talent is on average 10+ years of experience and 96% have 4-year degrees (learn more about our talent here).  By hiring through Prowess Project, are you getting a good financial deal?  Absolutely, you get access to talent you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere AND oftentimes on a fractional basis.
  • Do you value emotional intelligence? At Prowess Project, we believe that hiring is based too much on hard skills (professional) and not enough on soft (emotional intelligence).  To solve that problem, we built a job-matching algorithm that incorporates emotional intelligence compatibility factors between the candidates and your team. Want more info on how our algorithm works & how EQ boosts your bottomline, go here.
  • Do you have current diversity, equity & inclusion practices or plans to build them? If so, this shows that you not only want a diverse workforce, but have processes/procedures, etc to keep a diverse workforce fulfilled after they’ve joined the team. Adding inclusion programs boosts teamwork, work engagement &  intent to stay.

Do you need a perfect score on the above to be considered?  Absolutely not, no one is perfect.  Every situation is different and the above list is no way exhaustive.  If you’re curious how your company stacks up or are interested in learning more about the untapped, and unbelievable capable talent Prowess can provide, contact us today.

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